Databases of contracts, legislation and collective agreements for members of FERA - Federation of European Screen Directors and FSE - Federation of Screenwriters in Europe

The "European Directors and Screenwriters Contracts Database" is a collaborative online tool offering the possibility to compare the terms and provisions of more than 45 anonymous individual authors’ contracts, translated in English, broken into key provisions and classified in several categories.
Date of creation: 2019
A database providing an overview in English comparing national provisions on fair remuneration (transparency obligation, contractual readjustment mechanism and dispute resolution) of the 2019 CDSM Directive in 10 EU member states (Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden).
Date of creation: 2023
An index providing an overview of existing national collective agreements and access to public agreements translated in English.
Date of creation: 2023